Frequently Asked Questions

What is YOCAKE?

YOCAKE is a gourmet dessert shop that offers a variety of desserts. Our main products are Frozen Yogurt and Cupcakes and the YOCAKE Signature.

What is the YOCAKE Signature?

The YOCAKE is a combination of a cupcake on the bottom and frozen yogurt on top. You get to choose the flavors. You can also add toppings to finish off your masterpiece.

Can you cater at my wedding/special event?

Yes, of course! We do our best to help make your special event even more special. Please call us at 202-630-0168 or email us at with any questions or to set up an appointment.

How did YOCAKE get started?

YOCAKE opened its doors for business in Bethesda, Maryland in September of 2009. The sibliing owners Ellen and Edward both love cupcakes and frozen yogurt. Their mother, Cindy, provided many of the recipes which originated from her pastry education with a master French pastry chef in Vietnam.

How many flavors of cupcakes are available?

YOCAKE currently has around 60 different flavors that are listed on the website. However, we have made around 90 different cupcake flavors for our customers.

What makes your cupcakes different?

You will be able to taste the quality in our cupcakes with your first bite. Only the best ingredients are used. If our head baker is not satisfied with the outcome of every single cupcake, it will not be available for sale. Additionally, our cakes are also the flavor of the cupcake. We do not use only vanilla/chocoalte cake, throw a different flavor of frosting on there. For example, our coconut cupcake is flavorful coconut cupcake with coconut butter cream frosting and loaded with coconut shavings on top. Please take a look at our cupcake menu page to read more.

Are your frozen yogurt flavors Probiotic?

Yes! All of our frozen yogurt flavors are probitioc with live and active cultures.

If all of your frozen yogurt flavors are either non-fat or low-fat, do they still taste good?

It would be hard for you to tell that they are non-fat or low-fat if we never told you. You're more than welcome to stop by YOCAKE and taste a sample to experience it for yourself.